Financial Information

2023 - 2024

*Application fee $ 25.00
Activity fee (per semester) $ 100.00
Returned Check Fee $ 35.00
Auditing fee (per course) $ 50.00
Undergraduate tuition (per credit hour) $ 65.00
Full load (16 credit hours per semester) $ 1,040.00
May be paid monthly (per month for 4 months) $ 260.00
**Late monthly tuition payment fee $ 30.00
Graduate tuition (per credit hour) $ 100.00
Full load (16 credit hours per semester) $ 1,600.00
May be paid monthly (per month for 4 months) $ 400.00
Cap and Gown Fee $ 50.00
Graduation fee $ 100.00
Transcript request fee (request must be submitted in writing) $ 10.00
Dormitory room (per month) $ 300.00
Mail box key replacement fee $ 5.00
Security card replacement fee $ 10.00

Note: We require all dormitory students to have health insurance. No dormitory student will be allowed who does not provide proof of insurance.

Students withdrawing from classes are responsible for all tuition and fees until official notification of withdrawal.

*Application and enrollment fees are not refundable.

**Tuition is due the first day of each month. The late fee applies after the 10th of each month. Any student who is more than one month late will not be allowed to go to class until a financial arrangement is made. Any student who has not paid the final month’s bill will not receive credit for class(es). No transcript will be sent for any student with an outstanding debt to the school.

***At the end of the school year, keys are to be turned into the College Office when the students pick up their grades. If a student wants his/her grades mailed, his/her keys must be turned in first.