Online Giving

This section is designed to give you the opportunity to be involved in Tabernacle Ministries. Please pray for this ministry. Of course, a ministry such as this costs a great deal of money and it is only through God that we will be able to maintain and progress in this work. Your prayers are the most important support we can request.

Click the button above to give securely online to Tabernacle Ministries. This is a general Church donation and is not designated to any particular part of the Ministry other than the Church. Once you have clicked the buton, a new window or tab should open to a page with an "Item Price" field. Fill in the box with the amount you would like to donate, click the Update button, and then choose to either "Pay with my Paypal account" or to pay using another method (check, credit card, debit card, etc...) by clicking "Don't have a Paypal account". Once you have filled in the appropriate information and checked out, your donation has been made.

If you would rather place your donation by phone, please call our Finance Department at 864.269.2760, or you can always email them at

There is an entire world that needs to be reached for Christ. As important as your prayers are to us, as useful as any contribution to this ministry would be, Tabernacle Ministries encourages you, first and foremost, to go yourself, to tell the world, to be an example, to touch lives for Christ with your own life.